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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Welcome To My Blog Everyone♫

I'll use English as the main leangue of this blog~
Well sometimes i post song Lyrics,My Edit Imnge,My Live and download links(Maybe>_>)
Well if you want to add me at:
(Well i USUALLY open my friend request!)
Ughh.......out of topic.....XD
I am actually....11 years old....
I WON'T tell you my real name,Okay?!
Beacuse,i hate to be always asked by anyone.....
And if you want to requeest,just fill in the comment box...
It can be:

-Facebook PP(600X200)
-Wallpaper(i forgot it!)

Oh yeah,i forgot about my introuduction again!
Name:Aster or Harold or Fuyuki(TOO MUCH NICKNAME)
Age:11 years old
Ocupation:Elementary Student>_>(WUT?!*Explode*)

Enjoy it!
(NP:Hey i don't put the pic in there!!*throw sandal*)


  1. Welcome to the blog world Harod
    so i can request banner or siggy right?

  2. Sure!
    So what image you want for me to edit nyo?